Free application for drivers and passengers

An Innovative Rideshare App

When you need to get around and don’t have a car of your own, there are a lot of options. However, not all of them are built the same. There are many alternatives to traditional taxis today, but not all of them are easy to use and affordable. NoTaxi is ready to help. Whether you are a passenger looking for a ride or you are a driver willing to help someone get where they need to go, our rideshare app is the perfect option. We allow drivers and passengers to communicate prior to arranging the ride, helping you find someone you will enjoy riding with.

Skip Your Typical Car Rentals

Why rent a car in an unfamiliar place when you can find someone to drive you around who is familiar with the area? With our app, you will quickly be able to find a driver who is already in the area and is willing to take you where you need to go. Our app is fast and easy to use, with a rating system for both drivers and passengers so you can feel confident in the choice you make.

A More Affordable Alternative

Other taxi and rideshare programs cost a lot of money, leaving you to wonder if it’s really worth it. When you use NoTaxi, you will be working with a more affordable taxi alternative. We don’t work off commissions, which means drivers can charge less for the services they provide.

Order a car with 3 clicks

Direct deal

No third parties. No commission. No registration.

All you need
- in one application

  • Chat

  • Calls

  • Trip history

  • Rating


Available in whole world.
Use app in any town.

Fast&easy to order. Insert address. Set the price. Order. Just 3 clicks!

Rating for passengers and drivers

You won’t miss a thing with push-notifications

See profile and rating, know each other better

Trip history. Contact each other again

Transparency is important

All passengers and drivers on one map. Click to contact each other ​

Freedom of communication

Talk to each other chat or call directly
from app


This is how much time a person spends on average in car.
Don’t waste time!
With NoTaxi you can choose the people you wish to spend this time with